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Hook up iRock Radio!

iRock Radio Car Aux Hook Up1/8 inch to 1/8 inch Patch Cable

Order this cable if you would like to listen to iRock Radio through an auxilery jack on your car stereo system.  Locate the 1/8 inch jack in your car and insert one side of the jack.  Plug the other side into your smartphone or tablet.

We’ve suggested a cable from Amazon below.

Amazon 1/8 inch to 1/8 inch jack

FM Transmitter Radio Adapter for iOS / Android

If your car does not have an aux input or bluetooth streaming capability, you can get an FM transmitter adapter to connect your smart phone to your car’s FM radio.  Just connect the adapter to your device’s headphone jack, tune the adapter to an unused FM frequency, and tune your car’s stereo to that frequency.  BAM!  You can now stream iRockRadio in your car everywhere you go!

We’ve suggested an adapter from Amazon below.

FM Transmitter Adapter

iRock Radio Stereo Hookup

1/8″ to RCA Adapter

Order this cable if you would like to listen to iRock Radio on your home stereo system.  Plug the RCA Jacks into an input on your stereo and plug the 1/8 inch into your smart phone or tablet.

Click the below link to order this connector.

Amazon 1/8 Inch to RCA Plug

Bluetooth Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter

Similar to the FM transmitter above, this device will let you stream your cell phone through your car’s FM stereo.  You can connect to it through bluetooth or hardwired through a headphone jack. This device adds a control interface, hands free calling, and you can charge your device through it’s USB port.  It appears to be very popular on Amazon.

Click the below link to order this device.

Amazon Bluetooth FM Transmitter

iRock Radio Cassette Hook UpCassette to 1/8 inch Adapter

Order this adapter if you would like to listen to iRock Radio in a car that has a cassette player.  Insert the cassette adapter into your cassette deck and plug your 1/8 inch plug into your smart phone or tablet.

Click the below link to order this adapter.

Amazon cassette adapter


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